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The property belonged already in the sixteenth century to the Trivulzio, a well-known family of great Lombard nobility, and it embraced the entire village and surrounding lands. In the early eighteenth century, Antonio Tolomeo Trivulzio gave the renovation project of the Villa to the famous architect Giovanni Ruggeri. His skilfull contribution led to a new definition of internal space and a rehabilitation of existing structures according to the architectural fashion of that time. Marc Antonio Dal Re illustrates in his famous drawings of 1726, the special beauty of the villas and gardens in the context of "Ville di Delizia" of Lombardy.

At the end of the nineteenth century, Giangiacomo Trivulzio commissioned to architect Majnoni a restructuring that modified the Villa, including the implementation of the terrace connecting the two wings of the building overlooking the panoramic view.

In the contemporary time, the year 2000 has seen the conclusion of a major restoration work carried out by the present owners. The Villa, the monumental Italian garden and the old park have regained so much of their original beauty. The restructuring of the eighteenth-century bridge over the Molgora creek also allowed to restore the ancient gateway to the west of the property. Today the Villa opens its rooms, full of charm and precious furnishings, to host exclusive events.