Unique & Only, a wedding like no other

A wedding at Villa Trivulzio is a profound emotion that will conquer the hearts of the spouses as the most precious memory to cherish. Our wedding planner supports the spouses from the first meeting: she carefully listens to their wishes and then realizes their dream.

Emotions and magic

The wedding consists of simple ingredients: an idyllic location, the perfect synergy between professional enthusiasts and the spark of your desires.

These are the elements that contribute to the magic of a wedding at Villa Trivulzio. We are entrusted with the task of taking care of every detail. You, instead, should only worry about taking care of your significant other.

The wedding will be a concert of emotions generated by the elegance of the settings and the unforgettable wedding feast: magnificent setups, a menu performed with love and presented according to a balanced aesthetic taste.

Only weddings organized from the heart can be emotional.

For you and with you

Every time we organize a wedding at Villa Trivulzio is like the very first time. No wedding reception, indeed, is alike. Each one is special. Every detail of the wedding feast tells the story of the couple and their love.

For one day, our Villa will be uniquely yours and all our attention reserved only for you.

Under the expert tutelage of our wedding planner, the feast in the banquet hall or in the external square, the floral or thematic setups, the dessert buffet in the park, the wedding cake moment, they give every time different emotion, but always intense.

Palazzo Parigi: our wedding present

Elegant and fancy like an orchid, as comfortable as a caress on the skin, relaxing as the blue of the sea, Palazzo Parigi is the perfect place to be overwhelmed by the whirl of emotions of the new path of life undertaken together.

To thank you for sharing your most beautiful day with us, Villa Trivulzio pays homage to you with a unique experience of magnificent relaxation and comfort in Palazzo Parigi.

Staying at Palazzo Parigi will be the crowning glory of your love dream, and the right prelude to the most romantic honeymoon.