The chef
Davide Crippa

Cooking means expressing love

"My passion for my work leads me to be constantly looking for innovation while respecting tradition. I do that without breaking any culinary law and paying particular attention to the raw materials and to the identity of the various courses."

Food as emotion

Villa Trivulzio offers traditional and at the same time innovative cuisine.

His chef, Davide Crippa, is passionate about his work. All the love he infuses in the realization of his creations shines through his dishes. True masterpieces of taste that he offers to his guests.

Our chef is faithful to the flavours of the Brianza cuisine, even if reinventing it in combinations. He loves to delight his guests by offering them always new and appealing dishes.

His cuisine comes from a long experience combined with the desire to open to the future, both in the discovery of new ingredients and in the use of new procedures. This si why the typical dishes of Brianza tradition are innovated by testing new techniques and combinations. His goal is, indeed, to create dishes that move who eats them and that will be cherished.

Our chef's secrets

Each dish by chef Davide Crippa is a true work of art that comes from the careful selection of raw materials, chosen on the territory according to seasonality.

Our chef selects the ingredients of his dishes among the products of small local companies side-lined by the great DOP excellences of the Italian territory. This ensures quality and freshness, distinctive features of his dinners.

The vegetables of Brianza, the Garronese beef and the Mediterranean fish are just some of the Italian excellences that distinguish his varied gastronomic offer.

Sweet emotions complete chef Crippa's culinary proposal. Our great dessert buffet comes out of his incredible creativity: small Italian bakery, wonderful single portions of desserts, plate desserts, sherbets and fruit creations, inspired by the taste and tradition of Italian patisserie.

High quality ingredients ensure insuperable flavours that will conquer everyone. Spouses can choose from a wide selection of sherbets, mousses, semifreddo and pies.

And finally, the wedding cake.

The wedding cake is the queen of the wedding. That's why we entrust its realization to one of the elite pastry chefs of Italian pastry, who can meet every request and desire of the couple to make the wedding cake moment even more exciting.